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In Their Quest to Advance Michigan, New State Leaders Should Prioritize Talent Development

In Economic Development by Dan Hurley

An earlier version of this commentary originally appeared in Bridge Magazine The world of work has changed over the last 20 years. It’s vital that Michigan change with it. That means placing a priority on investing in education that can provide the talent needed to attract and retain good paying jobs. The $25-an-hour factory job is no longer the driver …

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A State Agenda with the Right Policy Prescription

In Educational Attainment by Dan Hurley

With a goal of rising incomes for all Michigan households and a broadening of the state’s middle class, Michigan Future, Inc. has presented a state policy agenda that is uniquely forward-thinking in its approach. The think tank’s policy treatise is reinforced by the undeniable transition underway in Michigan, from a state with an industrial past to one that is now …

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Unifying to Affirm Higher Education and American Values in Light of Travel Ban

In Diversity & Inclusion by Dan Hurley

The ban on immigrants and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as all refugees, recently issued via executive order by President Donald Trump brings with it implications that are destructive in all manner: educationally, economically, civically, socially, and reputationally. The ban is not a mere lurch to the right on immigration policy; rather, it marks a history-bending departure from …