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The philosophy behind performance funding formulas

In Accountability, Higher Ed Finance by Bob Murphy

This fall in the Michigan Legislature, the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Higher Education are holding informational hearings while they consider revisions to the state’s funding formula utilized for its 15 public universities. MASU is slated to testify on Dec. 10th, and other interested groups are offering their input on the existing formula. From my vantage point, the most …

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Metrics that Matter: Michigan’s Higher Ed Funding Lags in the Midwest

In Higher Ed Finance by Dan Hurley

The extent to which state governments invest in their public colleges and universities and in their student financial aid programs has a direct impact on access to and affordability of a college degree. Greater state investment mitigates the need for colleges to raise tuition prices. Affordable colleges boost the capacity of states to increase the educational levels of their populations. …

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Michigan’s Fiscal Train and the Cliff Ahead: Maybe We Should Switch Tracks

In Higher Ed Finance by Bob Murphy

One thing that’s always perplexed me is how drivers occasionally get hit by trains. Trains don’t veer off course. Trains don’t suddenly make a right turn in front of you on your way to the grocery store. Trains just lumber steadily down the track, unable to slow down or speed up very fast. A part of me thinks that if …