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The Michigan Association of State Universities kicks off statewide campaign to increase college going rates

In Educational Attainment by Dan Hurley

The Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU) unveiled a marketing campaign this week reminding Michigan high school students and their parents that earning a college degree is a great way to ensure a good career, a chance to “make the difference” in their life and world—and that financial aid is available to many students to reduce the cost of attendance. …

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Unifying to Affirm Higher Education and American Values in Light of Travel Ban

In Diversity & Inclusion by Dan Hurley

The ban on immigrants and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as all refugees, recently issued via executive order by President Donald Trump brings with it implications that are destructive in all manner: educationally, economically, civically, socially, and reputationally. The ban is not a mere lurch to the right on immigration policy; rather, it marks a history-bending departure from …