What does “college” actually mean?

In Accountability by Bob Murphy

This is “college” in America: And so is this: This is also “college” in America: And this is also “college” in America: And so is this: These are not the same enterprises to those of us in the field of higher education. To the general public, some of them may as well be interchangeable. Each one of these, a world-class …

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The Pump is Primed: Igniting Michiganders’ College Aspirations

In Educational Attainment, Talent by Dan Hurley

Boosting the proportion of Michigan residents who obtain a college degree or other postsecondary credential is vital to the state’s future economic competitiveness, both domestically and globally. Ultimately, it is talent, not tax policy, geography, or demographics, that is the primary arbiter of states’ economic vitality. The higher the proportion of a state’s residents who earn a college degree, the …