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Metrics that Matter: Michigan’s Higher Ed Funding Lags in the Midwest

In Higher Ed Finance by Dan Hurley

The extent to which state governments invest in their public colleges and universities and in their student financial aid programs has a direct impact on access to and affordability of a college degree. Greater state investment mitigates the need for colleges to raise tuition prices. Affordable colleges boost the capacity of states to increase the educational levels of their populations. …

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The conservative argument for state investment in public higher education – in one chart

In Higher Ed Finance by Bob Murphy

The leaders of Michigan’s 15 public universities, joined by the staff of the Michigan Association of State Universities, have long touted the personal return on investment a student earns with a four-year college degree. We’ve also long talked about the benefits that accrue to the state and to society when it makes public higher education an investment priority. And in …

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Data Over Dogma: Facts Matter

In Accountability by Bob Murphy

Universities are many things to many people—classrooms, workforce development engines, research and development institutions, and beacons of civic pride. But universities are also an ancient endeavor, created in something close to their current form at the University of Bologna in 1088, predating the modern nation-state by 560 years. In those intervening 929 years, one thing has remained constant: the teaching …

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Michigan’s Demographics Must Not Determine its Destiny

In Educational Attainment by Dan Hurley

Michigan’s economy is continuing to grow, enabling it to compete vigorously on the national and global stage. That’s the good news. The bad news? The state’s most important economic input—maintaining and growing a talented workforce—will be increasingly challenged by a declining population of young adults. Michigan will have the third largest percentage decline of high school graduates in the U.S. …

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An Unenviable #1 Ranking for the State of Michigan

In Financial Aid by Dan Hurley

The annual accounting of states’ investment in student financial aid was recently released, showing that financial aid across all states increased by 5.7 percent in the 2014-15 academic year, the most recent year for which data are available. The 46th Annual Survey Report on State-Sponsored Student Financial Aid, produced by the National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs …