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Place Matters

In Economic Development by Dan Hurley

It is clear that talent is the currency of today’s hypercompetitive, global economy. The cities and regions that successfully attract and retain college-educated individuals will reign supreme on measures of economic prosperity. And the markets that are succeeding in drawing talent are cities that are infused with a culture and the amenities that attract highly educated individuals from across the …

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A State Agenda with the Right Policy Prescription

In Educational Attainment by Dan Hurley

With a goal of rising incomes for all Michigan households and a broadening of the state’s middle class, Michigan Future, Inc. has presented a state policy agenda that is uniquely forward-thinking in its approach. The think tank’s policy treatise is reinforced by the undeniable transition underway in Michigan, from a state with an industrial past to one that is now …

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Funding Higher Ed Funds State Incomes

In Higher Ed Finance by Bob Murphy

There are few states that would be described as being flush with cash. State officials (justifiably) want to know the return on the investment they’re making with public revenues. And for years, state universities have argued in turn that investment in public higher education leads to wealthier states. With a little help from our friend Excel (and an assist from …