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Adult Learners: The Not-So Non-Traditional Learner

In Diversity & Inclusion, Student Success by MASU Guest

[Note: Today’s guest blog is provided by Melissa Peraino, member of MASU’s Extended Education and Professional Development Directors Committee.] America’s got talent. Does Michigan? Many cite the lack of access to a talented workforce as one of the reasons for Amazon’s recent pass at establishing a second headquarters in Michigan. Their request for proposal indicated that a “highly educated labor …

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Collective Action to End Campus Sexual Assault

In Health & Safety by Dan Hurley

There may be no other higher education issue in recent years that has garnered so much attention from all levels of government, received such bipartisan support, and created such a united front across public universities as the issue of campus sexual assault. President Obama, members of Congress, governors, and state lawmakers have joined hands with higher education associations, advocacy groups, …